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We offer comprehensive URL packages with custom logo, starting at $200. The logo itself with be expertly designed, and will provided to you in AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG formats. You get to keep all original files so you can make future edits if you choose.


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Logo Only: $300

The logo is what represents your business and it is what customers should visualize when they think about your business. Our expert designers will create a custom logo that is powerful and memorable. Up to 2 revisions are included in the price.

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A web presence is absolutely critical for success in the modern world. Not only will we select a good domain for you, we will build a full corporate website with the following pages: About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Home Page.

Full Package: $700

Save $100 off regular prices, and get both a logo, website and domain. This is the ideal package for new companies and businesses that want a full identity package and immediate presence on the web. Turnaround time is usually under a week.

Articles for Web Consumers

Where to Buy Safe E-liquids



One of the most important decisions you make as a vaper is where to buy your e-liquid. Today, there are literally hundreds of places where you can get e-liquids, but you must first understand that not all e-liquids are the same. Sure, they all contain nicotine and varying degress of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.


Many people who vape choose their e-liquid solely based on taste and other subjective qualities. While it may be tempting to continue ordering the e-liquid that tastes the best, this is not a good idea in the long run. Recent findings have shown that many e-liquids contain harmful substances like Diacetyl. And therefore, it is crucial that you do your due diligence on e-liquids to make sure that what you are ordering is not harmful to you.


This may seem like a relatively straightforward thing, as you can just look for vendors that sell e-liquids that do not contain these substances. But unfortunately, it is more complicated than that. While many sellers will claim that their products are Diacetyl-free, independent testing has shown that in a high number of cases, their products still contain Diacetyl despite their claims. So it appears you can only trust the sellers who have their e-liquids independently tested by a third party.


At this time, there are very few if any e-liquid stores that do this, but many are in the process of having this done. I would start by ordering only from such vendors, as they have shown a commitment to providing cleaner e-liquids and a concern for the safety of their consumers. One such store is Vaporfi, which publicly states on their website that they are currently having tests conducted on their e-liquids. But with over 180 flavors, it may be a while before all flavors are tested. At some point, I imagine they will start marking the flavors that have been tested and shown to be Diacetyl-free. You can then start by ordering those flavors only.


I suspect that all the testing that must be done will eventually lead to an increase in e-liquid prices. But it's a small sacrifice to ensure that we are getting the least harmful e-liquids possible. And even if prices get higher, you can always order online and take advantage of online coupons to get a discount. I do this all the time at Vaporfi, and I used these coupons from E-cigbargains. This can save me 12% on my orders, and I also try to buy in large quantities to get free shipping. I hope this information helps you select e-liquids more wisely.


The Modern Age of Matchmaking


matchmakingPeople have been playing matchmaker since the dawn of mankind. But it was never a science. Moreover, matchmaking was something that people did on a hunch and often relied more on emotions rather than logic. Even a few decades ago, the majority of people who played matchmaker were probably just winging it and operating on instinct more than anything else.


But the modern age has changed this, I believe, for the better. Nowadays, you have scientific algorithms that are based on psychological research. One example of such an algorithm is Eharmony's matchmaking algorithm. It takes 29 different factors into consideration when making a match. But the algorithm is not perfect, as there is a small segment of the population (around 20%) that cannot use the algorithm because their personalities are not compatible with the way the system works.


For the rest of us, however, Eharmony has been able to deliver some solid results. Over the last couple decades, it has led to more marriages than any other dating service. The number of people who got married off Eharmony is now over a million. If you are eager to join this group, you may want to join Eharmony using the free trial offer from onlinedatingtrials.com, which you can get at the following URL - http://onlinedatingtrials.com/eharmony.php. That way, you will be able to receive a free personality profile as well as receive and view your matches, all before making any payments.


Does Eharmony's success mean everyone who is single should be using it? Not necessarily. Eharmony's algorithm is designed to find someone who will be a lifelong partner. Depending on the person, one may or may not be ready for such a commitment. Other dating sites are great for people who are still discovering who they are and aren't yet ready for things like marriage or a long-term commitment.


Online Dating Statistics

dating statisticsI frequently encounter people who are reluctant to join an online dating site, which makes me wonder how much of a stigma is still attached to online dating. To find out, I did some research on the internet. The most interesting statistics came from Pew Research, which listed five facts about online dating. Some of the facts I found interesting are discussed below.


1. Online dating is more accepted than it was a decade ago.
Online dating has not lost all of its stigma, but the stigma that remains is a lot less than what it used to be. 23% of the people polled said they believed online dating is for desperate individuals. That said, over half the people knew someone who used an online dating site.


2. More people using dating sites than ever before.

Among people who are 18 to 24, the percentage of people using dating sites has almost tripled in the last 10 years. Among people aged 55 to 64, the number has doubled during the same time period. Dating apps have been one factor that has helped account for this increase. But even among people who use traditional dating sites like Match.com, the number has jumped significantly.


3. 1 out of 3 people who use dating sites have never gone out on a date with someone they met online.

This was the most surprising stat for me. It turns out 1 out of 3 people on dating sites have never been on a date with someone they met on the site. However, a majority still do go out with someone they've met online, which was not the case 10 years ago.


If you start dating on the Internet, you'll quickly realize that the best sites like Match.com cost money to join. You should therefore always look for dating coupons so that you can obtain the best price possible. You can also try dating sites for free using a Match Free Trial Offer or other similar deals. I personally like using a free trial first, and if I like the site, I'll use a coupon to sign up and save money.


The Best Way to Brand Your Company With Bags and Boxes

bags and bows Every time your company has a product packaged using bags or boxes, it is a perfect opportunity to brand your business. Sure, buying branded, personalized packaging materials can cost extra, but it's money well-spent. Many times, a customer will keep a box or bag and reuse it. Each time they look at the box or bag, or when someone else looks at it, they will see your company name and logo. If they've never heard of your business, they may ask out of curiosity. If they're interested and motivated, they may even Google it online later.


The first thing you must do to get a personalized bag or box is choose a company to work with. There are many printing companies to choose from, but I think the best option is to select not just an ordinary printing company, but a company that specializes in packaging materials. My favorite company in this category is called Bags & Bows. You may have heard of them. They are owned by a large checking company, and a quick look at their site will reveal that they take their business very seriously. If you're short on money, you can buy bags and boxes of different colors and sizes, and choose not to personalize it. But for all the reasons I mentioned earlier, if you can afford it, buying personalized product will be a much better marketing move for you, long term.


When you select a personalized bag or box at Bags & Bows, you have many options, such as adding a logo, a tagline, or additional artwork. Fortunately, the store assigns a specialist to you at this point, who will assist you and make sure the product comes out the way you want. This is just one example of how this company is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Across the board, customer support at Bags & Bows is top-notch.


Compare to buying an un-personalized product, personalized products will cost quite a bit more, especially if you order low quantities. But to the extent possible, you should order as many boxes or bags as is feasible, since larger orders usually bring down the cost per item. My favorite trick for getting an additional discount is to use online coupons. Currently, you can use Bags & Bows promo codes and other deals to get free shipping, a reduced price, and other benefits. To claim the latest coupons, visit http://business-reviews.com/coupons/bags-and-bows.php.


You may notice that other, standard printing companies offer personalized printing of bags and boxes as well. In most cases, I would avoid these companies since Bags & Bows offers a much better selection and gives each other personal attention. Personalized products are going to end up costing you money regardless of which company you choose, so you might as well choose the company that specializes in providing such products.


Getting Checking Products For Your Business


In my last post, I talked about buying packaging materials for your business. In that article, I recommended a company called Bags & Bows. Today, I'd like to talk about checking products for your business, and why you should use a company called Deluxe. Incidentally, Deluxe is also the company that owns Bags & Bows. Therefore, the company is definitely a major player in providing customized, quality products for businesses all over the world.


At the most basic level, buying checking products is simple. The function of a check is pretty fundamental, and even the most unadorned check will still serve its purpose. That said, for business purposes, it is in your best interest to use the best checks possible. Here are some things you must consider when you are buying checks for your business:


  • How does the check look? What will it convey to your vendors and customers?
  • How secure is the check? Does it have anti-fraud features?
  • Does the check allow you to customize the appearance with your business logo or other artwork? Ideally, you want your checks to have your logo and help brand your business.
  • Are the checks compatible with computer programs that you use? Are they compatible with your printers? Compatibility is very important since you want your check printing process to be automated for the most part.
  • How affordable are the checks? One of the reasons I like Deluxe is that they provide coupon codes that allow you to buy Deluxe checks at a significant discount. You can get the latest Deluxe coupons at this link - http://freebiebulletin.com/coupons/deluxe-discount-code.php


As you can see, there is quite a lot to take into account. Fortunately, if you shop at Deluxe, you will have dozens or even hundreds of different checking products to choose from. High security checks are available for those who are concerned about check fraud. And lastly, Deluxe specializes in providing customized checking products. Your checks can therefore have just about any appearance you want, and most importantly, it can feature your logo and company slogan or tagline prominently.


A Match.com Review

In a previous post, I talked about eHarmony and its matchmaking system. Today, I'd like to focus on a different dating site, Match.com. No doubt, you've heard of this service, as it's one of the largest dating sites in the world. Moreover, there are plenty of Match.com commercials on TV these days, which is attracting even further attention to this popular site. But the real question is, just how good is this site?



The first thing you need to know about Match.com is that it's different from a site like eHarmony. While eHarmony uses a proprietary matchmaking system to find matches on your behalf, Match.com only has limited matchmaking features. It's better tot hink of Match.com as a marketplace, where you go shopping. Maybe that analogy is a bit crude, but it helps one understand how websites like Match.com work.


On Match, you can browse or search other people to your heart's content. The search function can actually be quite sophisticated, but this is a good thing since it allows you to quickly filter your results so that you are only presented with profiles that are right up your alley. Once you find someone who appeals to you, you can send them winks or messages (if you have a subscription) and wait for a response. In most cases, you'll need to send communications to many different people before you get results. So persistence is important if you want to succeed on a site like Match.com. One good way to get a better idea of how the site works is by obtaining this Match free trial promotion. The current free trial lasts 3 days, so it's best to be as active as possible during those days so you get a full understanding of how the site operates.


Match.com is pretty reasonably prices as far as dating sites go. The price you pay per month depends on the billing cycle you choose. Obviously, if you are billed monthly, you'll be charged a higher price. The most reasonable choice for me seems to be the 6-month subscription. By choosing this plan, you'll also bring down your monthly costs by almost 50%.



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