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dating statisticsI frequently encounter people who are reluctant to join an online dating site, which makes me wonder how much of a stigma is still attached to online dating. To find out, I did some research on the internet. The most interesting statistics came from Pew Research, which listed five facts about online dating. Some of the facts I found interesting are discussed below.


1. Online dating is more accepted than it was a decade ago.
Online dating has not lost all of its stigma, but the stigma that remains is a lot less than what it used to be. 23% of the people polled said they believed online dating is for desperate individuals. That said, over half the people knew someone who used an online dating site.


2. More people using dating sites than ever before.

Among people who are 18 to 24, the percentage of people using dating sites has almost tripled in the last 10 years. Among people aged 55 to 64, the number has doubled during the same time period. Dating apps have been one factor that has helped account for this increase. But even among people who use traditional dating sites like, the number has jumped significantly.


3. 1 out of 3 people who use dating sites have never gone out on a date with someone they met online.

This was the most surprising stat for me. It turns out 1 out of 3 people on dating sites have never been on a date with someone they met on the site. However, a majority still do go out with someone they've met online, which was not the case 10 years ago.


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