A Match.com Review

In a previous post, I talked about eHarmony and its matchmaking system. Today, I'd like to focus on a different dating site, Match.com. No doubt, you've heard of this service, as it's one of the largest dating sites in the world. Moreover, there are plenty of Match.com commercials on TV these days, which is attracting even further attention to this popular site. But the real question is, just how good is this site?



The first thing you need to know about Match.com is that it's different from a site like eHarmony. While eHarmony uses a proprietary matchmaking system to find matches on your behalf, Match.com only has limited matchmaking features. It's better tot hink of Match.com as a marketplace, where you go shopping. Maybe that analogy is a bit crude, but it helps one understand how websites like Match.com work.


On Match, you can browse or search other people to your heart's content. The search function can actually be quite sophisticated, but this is a good thing since it allows you to quickly filter your results so that you are only presented with profiles that are right up your alley. Once you find someone who appeals to you, you can send them winks or messages (if you have a subscription) and wait for a response. In most cases, you'll need to send communications to many different people before you get results. So persistence is important if you want to succeed on a site like Match.com. One good way to get a better idea of how the site works is by obtaining this Match free trial promotion. The current free trial lasts 3 days, so it's best to be as active as possible during those days so you get a full understanding of how the site operates.


Match.com is pretty reasonably prices as far as dating sites go. The price you pay per month depends on the billing cycle you choose. Obviously, if you are billed monthly, you'll be charged a higher price. The most reasonable choice for me seems to be the 6-month subscription. By choosing this plan, you'll also bring down your monthly costs by almost 50%.

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