The Modern Age of Matchmaking


matchmakingPeople have been playing matchmaker since the dawn of mankind. But it was never a science. Moreover, matchmaking was something that people did on a hunch and often relied more on emotions rather than logic. Even a few decades ago, the majority of people who played matchmaker were probably just winging it and operating on instinct more than anything else.


But the modern age has changed this, I believe, for the better. Nowadays, you have scientific algorithms that are based on psychological research. One example of such an algorithm is Eharmony's matchmaking algorithm. It takes 29 different factors into consideration when making a match. But the algorithm is not perfect, as there is a small segment of the population (around 20%) that cannot use the algorithm because their personalities are not compatible with the way the system works.


For the rest of us, however, Eharmony has been able to deliver some solid results. Over the last couple decades, it has led to more marriages than any other dating service. The number of people who got married off Eharmony is now over a million. If you are eager to join this group, you may want to join Eharmony using the free trial offer from, which you can get at the following URL - That way, you will be able to receive a free personality profile as well as receive and view your matches, all before making any payments.


Does Eharmony's success mean everyone who is single should be using it? Not necessarily. Eharmony's algorithm is designed to find someone who will be a lifelong partner. Depending on the person, one may or may not be ready for such a commitment. Other dating sites are great for people who are still discovering who they are and aren't yet ready for things like marriage or a long-term commitment.

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