The Best Way to Brand Your Company With Bags and Boxes

bags and bows Every time your company has a product packaged using bags or boxes, it is a perfect opportunity to brand your business. Sure, buying branded, personalized packaging materials can cost extra, but it's money well-spent. Many times, a customer will keep a box or bag and reuse it. Each time they look at the box or bag, or when someone else looks at it, they will see your company name and logo. If they've never heard of your business, they may ask out of curiosity. If they're interested and motivated, they may even Google it online later.


The first thing you must do to get a personalized bag or box is choose a company to work with. There are many printing companies to choose from, but I think the best option is to select not just an ordinary printing company, but a company that specializes in packaging materials. My favorite company in this category is called Bags & Bows. You may have heard of them. They are owned by a large checking company, and a quick look at their site will reveal that they take their business very seriously. If you're short on money, you can buy bags and boxes of different colors and sizes, and choose not to personalize it. But for all the reasons I mentioned earlier, if you can afford it, buying personalized product will be a much better marketing move for you, long term.


When you select a personalized bag or box at Bags & Bows, you have many options, such as adding a logo, a tagline, or additional artwork. Fortunately, the store assigns a specialist to you at this point, who will assist you and make sure the product comes out the way you want. This is just one example of how this company is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Across the board, customer support at Bags & Bows is top-notch.


Compare to buying an un-personalized product, personalized products will cost quite a bit more, especially if you order low quantities. But to the extent possible, you should order as many boxes or bags as is feasible, since larger orders usually bring down the cost per item. My favorite trick for getting an additional discount is to use online coupons. Currently, you can use Bags & Bows promo codes and other deals to get free shipping, a reduced price, and other benefits. To claim the latest coupons, visit


You may notice that other, standard printing companies offer personalized printing of bags and boxes as well. In most cases, I would avoid these companies since Bags & Bows offers a much better selection and gives each other personal attention. Personalized products are going to end up costing you money regardless of which company you choose, so you might as well choose the company that specializes in providing such products.

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